About Me

About Me

Hi, my name is Intan, in English it means diamond. It suits me though, since I am as stubborn as the stone can be (peeps told me so).

I was born and raised in rural area of Sumatera island in Indonesia. I used to play hide and seek in the wood or in paddy fields, or jump into the lake (just few meters from my house) to see who gets the best jumping. I am used to earthquake, small and big ones. Well, you’ll get used to it if you live in area of active volcanoes along the Sumatera island.

Though I love living in small village, it doesn’t come with university or internet. So I moved to cities to get my degree and job. And here I am, living in the capital for 9-5 job at day and writing whatever comes to my mind (mostly about politics and travelling) at night.

With 9-5 office job, travelling is a luxury for me. But when the windows come, I always make the most of it. I am fascinated with nature, history, architecture, locals and their traditions. My current project is to explore my own country, which is kind of pathetic of me to only want to do it now.

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